"There are two reasons why people don’t talk about things; either it doesn’t mean anything to them, or it means everything."
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Anonymous: Why were anons sending you stuff about bowel movements and shit like that (pun)? But seriously why did they?

Literally no idea, but it makes me want to punch them



Lydia Martin // Teen Wolf (4x04)

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Anonymous: stop being rude to that anon

???? I get spammed everyday with shit questions I’m getting pretty tired of it.
Honestly might just turn off anon questions just cause of it.

Anonymous: it hurts me too when I haven't had a good poop in a couple of days. you're not alone girl<3 we all know how it feels.

Please fucking stop

Anonymous: I was depressed yesterday, but I took an enormous shit this morning and felt euphoric.


Anonymous: Honey, take some peptobismal or any gas medicine you'll feel better.

Oh my

Anonymous: sending good vibes and good bowel movements your way

Oh my god

Anonymous: clean healthy bowels = good time on a date. glad you're taking care of that issue.

Thank you but please stop

Anonymous: Not having good bowel movements can cause this honey. Once you take a good poop and clear it all out, you'll feel better and want to sleep because of how happy you will be from clearing that much material out of your bowels. Let us know how the pooping goes, we want to hear your get well stories.

I hate you.